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GUINEA PIG 3 - He Never Dies (1986)
Directed by Masayuki Kuzumi
Starring Masahiro Sato and Keisuke Araki.
He Never Dies (in its full Japanese form, Senritsu! Shinanai otoko) was released in 1986; as number 3 in the official Guinea Pig series, it represents a startling departure in style from the two previous films, Devil's Experiment and Flower of Flesh and Blood. Not only does the film boast full credits, lots of location shots, a script, a totally whacked-out plot, a really likeable main character, and incidental music, it makes a really serious attempt to be (unbelievably) an extreme gore horror.... comedy!!! Yep, even the concept is utterly gobsmacking. If the Guinea Pig series is considered an oddity within the realm of the fine old institution of serious Japanese horror film-making, then He Never Dies is probably the strangest, most unique film of them all.

полное описание и скриншоты
любители есть? могу скачать...
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